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Reusable Safety Razor

Reusable Safety Razor

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We had designed the safety razor with an elite-shaped olive wood handle, with its interesting grain pattern, is strong, dense, and resists odors and stains better than other types of woods.

Olive wood is highly durable in nature and its razor is designed to last for a considerably longer duration, you just have to replace the blades as needed.

Material: Polished Chrome & Olivewood. The razor will give you the perfect and smooth shave you have always wanted and will have smooth skin. The razor is suitable for both men and women and is easy to use all over your body - from head to toe!

Switching to this safety razor will help you to save unnecessary plastic waste and help to save money. The razor gives the smoothest shave whilst being sustainable.

The quality of the razor and its shave is incredible. Once you do it you will feel and wonder why don't switch to this before! How to change the blade: You will find a blade with this razor and you can also buy a replacement pack of blades. Unscrew the handle to remove the top slot of the razor and you can easily change the new blade. Make sure you used precautions while changing the blade! How to use the razor: Don't apply force when shaving - These are heavier than a normal razor so you really just need the lightest touch angle correctly - Use a good shaving soap - This will stop any shaving rash as you need to give a good barrier for the blade to glide!

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